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We Have a Problem

Let's use clothing as an example. Every second, one truckload of clothing is landfilled or burned. And less than 1% of clothing gets a second life.56% of consumers say that brands should play more of a role in reducing fashion’s environmental impact, and this number keeps growing.But luckily there are things we could do. For example, extending the life of clothing by just 9 months reduces the carbon, waste, and water footprints by a whopping 20-30%.

It's Really Hard to Build a Repair Program

After 10 years of working in the reverse logistics and repair industry, our founder realized the system we’re familiar with is not setup to scale the way people, planet and business needs it to. We want to help solve this problem, for everyone.

Spruce "S" logo


Spruce "S" logo

Introducing Spruce

It works right out of the box, it’s for any type of product, it’s hyperlocal, it’s tech-enabled, it thrives at scale, and we think it can be “the tide that raises all boats." We call it renewal-as-a-service.Spruce was born in the 2022 Project Zero Circular Economy Business Incubator program, winning second place in December 2022.Our Purpose
We connect the world with tools and insights so that the circular economy can thrive.

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What We Offer

Three unique products to fit your business's size and goals.Specialized software, access to our certified and managed network of technicians, logistics, and all the rest of the sneaky details. We've got your covered.Partner with Spruce and start attracting and retaining more customers today.


Easy, convenient access to product renewal at your favourite retailers.
Acquire and retain more customers with ease and at scale, and boost financial, traffic and sustainability KPIs. Offering product renewal will be standard by 2026, so why not be one of the first?
Focus on your craft, rather than hustling on administration, sales, and marketing.

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